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About Tryst

Tryst is a Scandinavian clothing brand for an active urban lifestyle. Tryst means any meeting of special significance, whether public, personal or private, including those all-important meetings with oneself. The first collection from Tryst is being launched in October 2018.
All clothes are great for working out, but also for not working out. Just being. In between, on your way, to and from. Before and after working out. Or not. There are so many clothes out there, but we find that they are either with too many prints, too shiny, not the right fit and so on. So we created our own version of the ultimate athleisure wear. 
We hope that you will like them. We would love to hear what you think. Drop us a note at
We love collaborations with people who like to be stylish. Contact us if you are interested. Tryst is affiliated with Apprl.


 Wilhelmina Wiese, founder