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About Tryst

Tryst is the Scandinavian clothing brand for active urban lifestyles. Tryst means any meeting of special significance, whether public, personal or private, including those all-important meetings with oneself. The first collection from Tryst was launched in October 2018.
The athleisure market is a noisy place, full of shiny fabrics, loud prints and flashy stripes. Tryst stands out for its quietly ergonomic elegance, its understated sophistication and a particular purity of line. All Tryst clothes are great for working out, but also for not working out. Just being. In between, on your way, to and from.
Our a-seasonal approach and our transitional design concept result in clothes that look good anywhere, all year, for years on end. This offers climate-conscious individuals the real choice of a more elegantly sustainable wardrobe.
We are continually evolving our own contribution to climate stability and working to minimize our environmental impact along the whole of our value chain. We only work with suppliers who share our mindset and values, and can prove that their practices and technologies reduce the use of energy, water, chemicals, transport and waste.
To ensure we can directly keep our eye on all these things, we restrict our operations to Europe, where our fabrics are sourced from ethical textile producers in Italy and Portugal and our garments are all manufactured under certified fair working conditions in Lithuania. We are reducing our packaging to the minimum required for safe shipping, including recyclable materials and environmentally-friendly printing. You will never see any redundant packaging with your Tryst delivery.
We have already been using a lot of lyocell, a fabric produced from sustainable gum tree pulp. Our next collection will include styles made of ECONYL®, a revolutionary fibre made of 100% pre and post-consumer waste (nylon scraps / fishing nets and carpet fluff). ECONYL®  is the product of a closed loop regeneration process, meaning that it can be endlessly regenerated and recreated as something brand new.
We hope that you will like our clothes. We would love to hear what you think. Drop us a note at
We love collaborations with people who like to be stylish. Contact us if you are interested. 


Wilhelmina Wiese, founder